How Mobile Apps Are Revolutionizing The Future Of E-Learning

2 min readFeb 28, 2022


E-learning apps now gain the third position (after business and gaming) in the category of the most searched and downloaded mobile apps globally……!

E-learning mobile apps has been here for quite some time now. But after the Corona virus pandemic it became much more popular and prevalent among the common people. E-learning mobile apps became an instant hit. Students all over the world began to attend online sessions through these mobile apps. Also the educational institutions began to develop customised e-learning apps to conduct sessions. It was also helpful to the students since the minimum requirement attending classes was a smartphone with stable internet connection, which was quite common among the public.

These all resulted in the various IT service providers concentrating on products like e-learning mobile apps. Zoondia, one of the leaders in developing custom e-learning apps, recorded a huge growth rate in this sector with clients from across the globe.

The rise of E-learning apps within no-time

As we have discussed above, the scope of e-learning apps changed drastically after the Coronavirus spread. The working professionals began to work from home (WFH) and the students began to study from home (SFH).

The educational institutions were providing classes through various online platforms to conduct classes. As a result the e-learning apps clocked its best in the years after 2019 and are still growing strong!

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