Mobile marketplace apps: How can your business capitalize on the rise of m-commerce?

3 min readMay 18, 2022

M-commerce or mobile commerce has been the latest trend for quite some time in the world of electronic shopping. It has been found in a survey that more than 80 percent of the shoppers choose the mobile platform to buy products or services.

The mobiles are handy and easy to use. So that they can be used for shopping even if we are outside. So if you don’t have a well-equipped mobile marketplace app for your business in addition to an e-commerce web app, then you are actually missing out on a majority of the sales.

Well, let us see in this article, how your business can capitalize on the rise of m-commerce.

What are mobile marketplace apps?

Mobile marketplace apps are mobile applications specifically developed for shopping through smart devices like mobile phones or tablets.

There are two types of mobile marketplace apps, namely,

  • Traditional marketplaces with mobile apps.
  • Mobile native marketplaces.

Both these types of mobile marketplace apps do perform the same functionalities, but the only difference lies in their origin.

Traditional marketplace apps were built for desktops or laptops. But later extended with mobile apps. Examples of these include Amazon, eBay, Flipkart, etc.

Mobile native marketplaces were developed mainly for mobile shopping from the beginning. Examples of such apps are Wish, Lyst, Grabble, etc.

Why sell on Mobile Marketplace apps?

Mobile shopping is the latest happening. So if your e-commerce business wants to prosper and attain new heights with an increase in sales and profit, then you should be present in the m-commerce sector! Let us see some of the advantages of getting an m-commerce platform for your business.

The mobile marketplace is profitable

A study conducted about the shopping patterns of the customers has found that more than 80 percent of the users use a mobile phone for shopping for their favorite products. So the revenue it creates for the online shopping platforms is very high.

Shoppers love m-commerce apps

Mobile shoppers opt for speed and quick navigation while shopping. It has been found that a small hindrance in the mobile load times can impact the conversion rates by up to 25 percent! Mobile marketplace apps are specifically developed for mobile shoppers. With a single tap, customers can access thousands of products and even buy them!

Better Brand Value and Visibility

Mobile marketplace apps create better visibility and brand value for your business. A lot of new shoppers may view your products and opt to purchase from the same. In other words, you are leveraging different channels to market your business brand. You are creating a strong business identity among your competitors.

Summing Up

Mobile marketplaces bring in a lot of potential for your e-commerce business. If your online selling business has not upgraded to the mobile shopping platforms, then you are missing out on huge revenue opportunities out there. To start an m-commerce app takes only limited resources. Some of the advantages of mobile marketplace apps have been described above.

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