Reasons why Flutter is dominating in mobile app development

3 min readOct 20, 2021


People of today find it very easy to get things done as there is a mobile app for almost every need. Life has become more convenient with mobile apps, as mobile app development companies have established effective apps for various necessities.

This increase in the use of mobile applications in our daily lives has led to the evolution of innovative mobile apps of which Flutter stands at the top.

Flutter — The dominant element

Flutter is a cross-platform app development instrument that conjoins the performance of native and ease of development. However, visual consistency is maintained across platforms. The open-source mobile software development enables the creation of applications for both iOS and Android.

Benefits of Flutter in escalating your business Enhanced performance

Flutter enables a quicker and dynamic way of application building. Developers can maintain a single codebase for both Android and iOS rather than separating them. The hot reload assures bug fixes and reduces the time needed for incorporating new feature changes in the user interface.

Optimal Performance

Crashing is reduced to a great extent as the programming language used in Flutter is Dart, which combines into native code, providing better app performance and avoids crashes.

Cross-Platform development

Different development teams need not maintain different codes for both iOS and Android. About 75% of the source code is shared and reused, saving more time and resources in the future. As one app works for both, it is easier in terms of testing due to which the QA procedures are simplified with fewer efforts.

Designs based on user interests

The construction of certain custom widgets within Flutter’s framework can be used for the creation of various brand-based or user-oriented designs, apart from animation and motion design.

Apps made with flutter framework Google Ads

The mobile app involves the management of Google and campaigns directly from your mobile. It is a refined version of the desktop version which enables to track add output from any location.


This is an AI-powered personal journaling application that merges mediation, cognitive behavior, and positive psychology to cope with mental stress. Experts in Qatar can help you deal with your issues, eventually aiding you to lead a happy life.

Xianyu (Alibaba)

As Flutter signed on, Xianyu, more than 200 million users took advantage of Xianyu.


Professional Instagram images are in greater demand as the number of users has increased beyond limits. Postmuse is widely used for this purpose. It allows you to edit images, gives recommendations on the best possible pictures, and makes social media marketing more authentic.


This award-winning Broadway musical was one of the best platforms built by Flutter. On both platforms it works best, enabling a lot of functions.


Flutter stands among the major software development tool kits used by mobile app developers around the globe in 2021. It can escalate your business to greater heights sweeping in more profit.

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